At RFP Technologies, our professional technicians have years of experience installing burglar alarms and surveillance systems. From the most basic security system with door contacts and motion detectors to much more advanced systems with touch screens and biometric scanners, you can feel confident that you are getting the most reliable system possible, tailored to your specific needs. You and your family's safety depends on it.

We understand that choosing the right home security system is an important decision. That's why we work with two of the leaders in electronic security, Digitial Security Control (DSC) and Elk Products.

DSC is a global supplier of the highest quality sensors, keypad, control panels and communication systems.  Elk M1 products take security and automation control to another level. With the ELK-M1 Gold, you can set up alerts for everything from water leaks, to changes in temperature to simply the kids arriving home from school. The system even talks back, giving you verbal system status updates.

As a full service, home access and security company, we can provide a comprehensive integrated package customized to your premises.  With systems limited only by imagination and budgets, it is impossible to list every option available, so here are some of our most popular:

  • Two way voice verification services
  • Cellular communicators to serve as a backup or to replace a traditional land line
  • Integrated home automation with systems such as:
    • Lighting controls
    • Garage door controls
    • Energy management
    • Sprinkler system controls
    • Surveillance system integration
    • Whole house music system controls
    • Heating and air conditioning controls
    • Assisted living personal monitoring system
    • Many other custom applications
  • Internet IP monitoring to backup, replace, or supplement a traditional land line
  • Smart phone and internet browser controls
  • Full line of sensors and accessories including:
    • Water detectors
    • Smoke detectors
    • Shock or tilt sensors
    • Keychain fob controls
    • Glass breakage detectors
    • Door and window contacts
    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Pet-immune motion detectors