Jack Oxendine

704.631-3981 (office)
704.631-3982 (fax)
As founder and owner of RFP Technologies, I have committed myself to providing a better experience for every single customer. With experience in the industry dating back to my first electronics certification in 1992, I am able to work with each customer to design and implement a low-voltage solution that will fit the client’s needs without breaking the budget.  
I pride myself in staying true to some of the most fundamental principles of customer relations:
  • Call, when you say you are going to call
  • Show up, when you say you are going to show up
  • Do, what you say you will do, when you say you'll do it

These things seem so simple and common sense but, as a consumer, we've all been victim to that contractor, service provider, or repairman that made us want to pull our hair out.  I have found that by treating others the way I would like to be treated as a customer, the entire experience can just be better.

Give me, or anyone on my team, a call and find out why our customers consistently call us back when the need arises.  My goal is for RFP Technologies to be the last low-voltage provider you ever have to call.